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3 months until the Colfax Marathon

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 Leave a Comment

Denver is one of those cities where moms who just gave birth a few months ago will announce, "I'm going to run a marathon/triathlon." And then they go do it.

OK, 3 months is not long enough to train for a full marathon if you're not already a pretty regular runner.

But I read about this 16 week program in the Wall Street Journal a while ago, and that could get you to the half-marathon mark. Or get together a few of your friends and run a relay.

Last summer, I used to run into a running club at the park on Emporia (east side of Stapleton) and I keep hoping I'll run into those folks again.

The last two years, the Colfax Marathon was plagued by complaints: the course was too hot, no shade, not enough potties, the end was all uphill, and last year it was actually a half mile too long, but this year, the Colfax Marathon is a completely new course.