Working moms

Friday, January 18, 2008 Leave a Comment

One of the things that amazes me here in Stapleton is the sheer creativity that working moms here use. Some work full time, some part time; some work 4-10 hour days; some work from home; some start their own businesses. There's so much flexibility, and so much entrepreneurial energy here.

Every single mom I've met had a career before they had their children -- and some have had pretty amazing careers. But far from lamenting our exit from the career path, many moms are using this time to start new businesses, or volunteer for a good cause, or just try out new things.

There's the mom that started making car seat covers that you can take off and wash, because, duh, kids spill stuff and poop and pee.

Another mom in my neighborhood loves decorating, so she's started a business selling custom paint-palettes to homebuilders. She probably heard every woman on her block griping that their new house came with 2 options: white or eggshell, and thought: there must be a better way.

I just found these two rockin' Denver moms telling it like it is.

I haven't bought shoes in forever.


  • Fweetieb said:  

    I found them through LOVE them and can't wait to send these little spots of happy out.

    btw - I had no idea a "Stapleton" place existed. It's my maiden name. Who knew?