A very serious affair

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 Leave a Comment

The stock show.

It's a hassle to park, and once you're inside, you're likely to get lost and wander around in giant circles, realizing it the 4th time you pass the same John Deere booth.

My son was insanely excited about the tractors, as you can see.

He clung to my neck while we wandered through the huge cattle labyrinth. He held on for dear life to my leg at the petting zoo. He rode the train, alone, very brave and very serious, in the 3rd floor kid wonderland.

And he wanted to touch the biggest horse in the world, but once we got there...

But it was all worth it the minute we got home and his eyes lit up and he told Daddy all about it.


The parade is today!


  • Maria Lucas said:  

    around every corner my daughter said, "wow." this is a toddler must for any denver resident.

    AND super dogs next monday -- yay!

  • Liz Johnson said:  

    I believe I had a run-in with (Blue, I believe?) the world's largest cow at the Greeley Stampede last year and let me tell you, if I had a neck to cling to, I would have...