Baby planners and more

Friday, January 25, 2008 Leave a Comment

Some more cool Mom-owned businesses I found, courtesy of the Lilaguide party.

Here's bunch in the category of unique gifts:

KtSteppers makes custom step stools for your kid. They have a $29 version and a $49 version... Rissy Lyn makes custom, blinged-out, picture frames... Umbrellas for your stroller...personalized disposable diapers...

Then there's a whole category of baby coaches, planners and mentors. What I really want to know is who their clients are? Do people really have so little time to be their child's mother that they need a coach? Or am I just not getting the concept?

Sweet Pea baby planners will help you put together a baby registry, pick out the best gear, pick out your birth style, find doulas, perform infant massage, lactation support, personal chefs, find a photographer, sleep planning, make homemade baby food, consult with grandparents, teach sign language and CPR, find you a mom group.... whew!

Come to think of it, I do remember those first few weeks, feeling so utterly overwhelmed with this new baby, trying to breast feed despite excruciating pain, getting no sleep, not showering, laundry piling up, not cooking (was I eating?). I started swiffering the floor, like, twice a day. At least I was accomplishing something, even if I was verging on OCD. I would have paid any amount of money for someone to just sit me down, show me the way to do it, and plan it all for me.

Sweet Pea, you must be on to something...