Why are girls maturing so early?

Monday, December 10, 2007 Leave a Comment

I'm all worked up over this editorial on the theories about why our girls are maturing so early. And by "maturing" I don't mean dressing older than their age, but physically coming into sexual maturity early. Like, at 7 or 8 years old.

We've all heard that it must be hormones in milk that are causing it. Or hormones and antibiotics in meat. Or chemicals in plastics that mimic estrogen. Or soy (come on, like we're eating that much soy? Please.). Or watching too much trashy TV triggering some chemicals in the brain.

I like the writer, Jackie Avner. She's well-spoken, she's a Highlands Ranch mom, she grew up on a dairy farm, and she makes compelling arguments. But as a reader pointed out last time I admired one of her op-ed pieces, she's part of a company bioengineering cats that don't trigger allergies. However that works. And while she says she "worked in the U.S. Senate," I read somewhere else that she was a lobbyist. For the dairy farmers, I believe.

So I have to wonder if her piece isn't just a bunch of PR fluff?


  • Penny said:  

    Uh yea, I wouldn't believe whatever she's writing anyway.

    I don't think it's a coincidence that, after figuring out how to grow cattle faster, we're experiencing faster growing kids as well.

  • TheyDHD said:  

    Hun, I hadn't even heard about hormones in milk affecting kids when I first tried antibiotic and hormone free milk. It was from a local family-owned dairy, and tasted so good that my family switched to it entirely.

    My eldest was 9 at the time and had started to develop on the top. After about two weeks of drinking the new chem-free milk, her booblettes disappeared. They started growing back at age 12, and have developed naturally with her own body's chemicals ever since.

    Now I'm not a scientise, but...