Thursday, December 20, 2007 Leave a Comment

You know those compulsive, obsessive things you did as a kid (or the obsessive, compulsive things your kid does now)?

One of those crazy mile high mamas had a habit of signing the alphabet constantly when she was a kid. It drove her parents crazy. Or, I should say, made them wonder if she didn't have a problem.

My little brother had kind of a lisp when he was little, and he would repeat everything he said silently, after he said it. It drove me crazy.

And I remember, for about a year, spending every Sunday in church counting, just to see how high I could get. I wondered if it was possible to count to the number googleplex.

In case you're wondering, it's not. Church just seems to last forever.

What's your idiosyncracy?


  • Penny said:  

    I've never told anyone this, but, I will phantom-trace shapes that I see - example: driving down the highway I might see a stop sign, and then afterwords I will trace the shape of the stop sign in the air, with my hand.

    I do this covertly. No one knows. It is extremely weird.

  • Maria Lucas said:  

    my 23 month old daughter twirls her hair CONSTANTLY. if not her's, then mine. it drives me nuts until i think about all the weird stuff i do and twirling hair doesn't seem so bad.... patience, right? patience.

  • Ice Cream said:  

    My daughter did the whole signing the alphabet thing for 6 months. It drove her father batty. When I was little I was obsessed with plugging my ears in different ways to change the way things sounded. It made my mother very angry (because I usually did it when she was giving me a long lecture).