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Car seat covers

Thursday, December 6, 2007 Leave a Comment

Did you see the Stapleton mom, Heidi Humbar, creator of Lillypad car seat covers, in the Front Porch?

"All parents of toddlers have been there. You’re driving along and suddenly from the back seat of your car comes the cry, “I have to go potty.” As we all know, it’s not always possible to find a convenient place to pull over to accommodate your child’s needs. So all too often, “accidents” happen and the car seat cover is drenched.

There are also those times when your child gets car sick or playfully pours all the milk out of the sippy cup. Again, you’re facing a soaking wet car seat and the hassle of removing the whole car seat in order to take off the cover and wash it. In the meantime, you’re without a cover.

From these and other all-too-frequent scenarios, Lilly Pad was born..."

She says that in researching her product, she was amazed at how many people have their car seats installed wrong, or the straps twisted up (Guilty!!!), compromising the safety of their car seats.

I took my car seat to Boulder to have it installed, since Denver Fire Departments don't do it anymore.