Cabin fever?

Friday, December 28, 2007 Leave a Comment

If you're tired of your Christmas presents, and tired of going out in the snow, head over to the Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World.

They have spectacular specimens of every animal you could possibly hunt, catch, shoot with a gun, bow and arrow, machete, taser, or your bare hands.

I'm talking herds of buffalo, big horn sheep, antelope, elk. Beavers. Lynx. A big ol' moose.

Packs of wolves. Grizzlies. And then the biggest Griz you've ever seen. Grizzlies fighting wolves. Wolves fighting badgers. Nature gone wild.

Plus, a huge aquarium full of impressively big fish.

My niece asked: "Dad, are we at the zoo?"


  • holly said:  

    we have a taxidermist in my home town. oh i hated it. and forgot about it until i went to the local museum. oh....!