Academy of Rock

Sunday, December 16, 2007 Leave a Comment

We just got home from a no-name dive bar in a strip mall somewhere in Thornton, or Broomfield.

We were there to watch our friend's 11 year old son and his band, Surround Sound, play.

It's their third or fourth gig. Yes, this is the greatest business idea on earth: Academy of Rock.

It's the place for kids to be a rock star: play in a band, make a CD, play a live show. They learn to play drums and bass and lead guitar, and sing. These kids knocked our socks off! We heard a terrific rendition of Ozzy's Crazy Train. These kids have stage presence. Then we rocked out to Aerosmith's Walk This Way, even ACDC's Back in Black. And some Fray, and Limp Bizkit, and even some original songs.

The place was jammed with kids and grandparents. My toddler was dancing in the aisles.

I walked out amazed.