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What's in your 3 perfect hours?

Thursday, November 29, 2007 Leave a Comment

As a stay at home mom with a toddler who needs constant stimulation, I am always looking for stuff to do.

My criteria are this: (a) we have to find an area that I don’t need to load him in and out of his car seat (ie, somewhere walkable); (b) it must have something fun and something good to eat, and (c) three hours is his time limit. Any longer and we dissolve into a crying mess.

So I thought a series on Three perfect hours... with a toddler was a good idea.

It must be, because I opened up I opened up my Denver Post this morning (yes, I am a subscriber and die-hard newspaper reader) and in the local neighborhood section, YourHub, on page 6, was my story about Park Hill!

So tell me: what's in your 3 perfect hours?


  • Maria Lucas said:  

    I saw your blog today in my Rocky Mountain News! That's so great.

    I LOVE 23rd and Dexter... turtle park is great and those scones at Adagio... I completely agree -- DELICIOUS.