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No such thing as too much commercialization

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 Leave a Comment

Hey, let's go see Santa at the Cherry Creek Mall!

My friend, a mom of 3 kids, told me that Santa used to be in this huge, super cool Christmas tree. You could get your kids' picture taken with him, and for a few bucks, get a nice print. Or if the kids were screaming and in unmatched outfits, they'd let you just snap a shot with your own camera.

Now, they've gotten rid of the tree and replaced it with the Snow Globes that were used for the Narnia movie a few years ago.

This year, the Snow Globes are marketing the undoubtedly raunchy Vince Vaughn movie, Fred Claus. Cause, you know, this movie is surely appropriate for toddlers and young children who will be lining up to see Santa.

For just $20*, you can get your picture taken with Santa and superimposed onto a set from the movie, but sorry, no personal snapshots allowed.

If you want a picture with just Santa, I bet Larimer Square won't care if you snap your own shot. Their Santa slide is a replica of the one from "A Christmas Story" -- you know, "You'll shoot your eye out!"

*$20 for two 5x7 photos superimposed on the Fred Claus set


  • Claremont First Ward said:  

    What a great concept. If only I lived in Colorado! Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment!

  • Maria Lucas said:  

    As I was watching one of my holiday favorites "You've Got Mail" yesterday, I started thinking about a certain phrase -- squeaky clean.

    That movie is "adult" squeaky clean. OK -- I know the plug for Starbucks is huge, but the plot is clean.

    There just isn't much in this world that has not been corrupted with corporate cinergy. I'm sure the guy who owns the mall also is invested in movie houses and so he's trying to figure out how to cross-promote. So Santa, we're using YOU in our latest campaign! Not so squeaky.

    There is also nothing more I cannot stand than commercial recognition in a toddler. Like why should my child already know about labels? There's no target too young? Customer for life?

    I know I can't shield her b/c let's face it... the TV is on at some point during the day and the constant corporate cross promotion is hard to avoid... but I'm with you... off to Larimer Square we go and hopefully Santa is feeling squeaky.