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Nominate the party candidates for President

Friday, November 30, 2007 Leave a Comment

Yes, us Coloradans, for the first time ever, have a chance to nominate the major party candidates for President in the Colorado Caucus on February 5.

But you only have until Wednesday -- 5 days from today. It's not enough to be registered to vote -- you must be registered with either the Republican or Democratic party.

The Rocky Mountain News tells you how to do this (sort of), and the Denver Post tells you why:

The rules are simple, if you want to participate in the caucuses that will help select each party's presidential candidate for the general election.

First, you must register as a Democrat or a Republican with your local county clerk and must be affiliated with either party for at least two months before the caucus. Secondly, you must be a resident of a precinct for 30 days prior to voting.

There is also one exception: Any registered voter who turned 18 or became a naturalized citizen during the two months preceding the caucus meeting may vote at the caucus.

Here's the link to the Voter Registration Application.

I mention this because I did not vote in the last election, because it was a mail-in only election, and I threw away the ballot when it came in the mail because I thought, "I vote, I don't need this mail-in ballot."