Living on a former runway

Sunday, November 11, 2007 Leave a Comment

One for the scrapbook, courtesy of GoogleMaps.


  • Laura said:  

    Cool! When do you think these arial pictures were taken? AFter the airport was torn down but before the houses were built? Our Stapleton location just shows a dirt mound.

  • The Sports Mama said:  

    Ok. This is just a paranoid thought here... (but I tend to get those frequently.. lol)

    Do you realize you just put your address out on the internet for anyone to see?

    My mom pointed out to me when I had a pic of my boys on my blog, and had just mentioned in passing what city I lived in out here, that any predator prowling the mommy blogs looking for kids would now have enough information to locate my boys. It would have sent her over the freak-out point if I had actually put my address out there.

    Quite a few of my blog-buddies have actually done posts on internet stalking lately, and how certain strange search engine words lead people to their blogs. It would make me extremely uncomfortable if I knew my home address was on mine, knowing I've got kids. Just a thought.

  • Unknown said:  

    Good point, Sports Mama! This conversation came up twice this week -- about putting too much personal information out there -- so I've fixed it. Thanks for the prompt.