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Toddler Music Classes

Friday, October 12, 2007 Leave a Comment

Some moms are probably familiar with Music Together, a music program for babies and toddlers that involves singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

Tonya Lemmons has been the teacher of Music Together in Park Hill for the past seven years. She's accumulated quite a following, so the time was right for her to spread her wings and open her own music program: Tales 'N Tunes.

If this program is anything like Music Together, it's a lot of fun for parents to do with their kids.

And she's doing a holiday program, singing songs like Frosty, dancing to Linus and Lucy, finger plays like I have a Little Dreidel, and playing bells -- culminating in a caroling party at Spinelli's Deli and Adagio's Bakery -- two of the best-kept secrets in Park Hill.

After all, as Miss Tonya says, all kids are born musical!