Let yourself go

Friday, October 26, 2007 Leave a Comment

According to Suave's latest ad campaign, 80% of moms admit to letting themselves go. And by letting themselves go, Suave means they don't bother to style or wash their hair, wear lipstick, or buy clothes that fit.

This may be true in other parts of the country, but not in Denver. Go to Stapleton's Central Park any day and I guarantee those statistics won't hold up.

Every other mom has the stylish Victoria Beckham bob, complete with expensive blond highlights. You'll see moms in those striped sweater dresses with boots, moms in Seven jeans (oh wait - those were so 3 years ago, pre-pregnancy) and designer sunglasses, carrying Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags and pushing Bugaboo strollers. Even their workout gear is cute.

Seeing all those other fab moms makes me think twice before heading out in sweats, that's for sure! My post-baby weight has finally stabilized, so I actually have pants that don't sag in the butt, I can wear my pre-pregnancy jackets again, and I have at least one semi-stylish pair of shoes.

Some of the best things I've found -- and by best I mean efficient -- are:
1. "That Girl" face primer by Benefit. It covers up that pregnancy mask blotchiness that is oh-so-slowly fading away. It's not makeup, it's magic.
2. Bumble & Bumble's tea tree spritzer/ hair refresher for my very curly hair that would otherwise be a huge poofball.
3. T-shirts from Lucy. Actually, anything from Lucy.
4. Weight lifting. Half an hour gives me better results than years of jogging. What mom has time for a yoga or pilates class?

What's your frumpy mom story? Lipstick to Crayons wants to know!

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  • Maude Lynn said:  

    Wow! If I lived in Denver, they probably wouldn't let me out of the house!

  • lipsticktocrayons said:  

    Thanks for the great tips and product recommendations!